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Ace India offers career based professional training for fresher as well as experienced mechanical, electrical and construction professionals. The training will be as per the most updated international and Indian standards.

“Providing Technicians to Engineers and Professionals with Practical Exposure to Industrial Environments.
Overall, Ace India Training and Services Pvt Ltd is a Comprehensive Organization Offering a Range of Services to cater to the Diverse Needs of the construction and BIM/MEP industry, with Focus on Training, Recruitment and Consultancy.”

Syed Nazif

Founder ACE India, MEP/BIM Trainer.

Course Offered Under MEP Training

Ace India Training and Services Pvt Ltd is an establishment that provides world class services in MEP Training and MEP project management field. The Organisation is established in the year 2007 by a group of working professionals, having hands on experience in MEPand Construction Industry. Team Ace India comprises of high tech professionals with relevant experience in various domains like design, projects,service, sales, marketing and planning. They have in depth knowledge in their respective profiles, handling both international and Indian standards. Engineering team of ACE INDIA consists of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in training, recruitment services and project management.Directors of the Organisation are resolutely determined in improving the operations,there by meeting the ever evolving needs of the construction industry.

  • Professional MEP Training in HVAC

  • Professional MEP Training in Fire Fighting and Plumbing

  • Professional MEP Training in Elcetrical Design and Drafting

  • Professional MEP Training in BIM (Building information Modelling)

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

  •         Heating
  •          Ventilation
  •          Air Conditioning
  •          Refrigeration
  •          Fundamentals
  •          Types of heat transfer
  •          Refrigeration Cycle
  •          Types of Condenser 
  •          Types of compressor
  •          Types of Expansion Valves
  •          Types of Evaporators
  •          Window A/C
  •          Split A/C
  •          Ductable Split Air Conditioners
  •          Ductable Packaged Air Conditioners
  •          Packaged Roof Top Units
  •          Chilled Water Systems
  •          Variable Refrigerant Volume Systems
  •          Building Survey
  •          Orientation of Buildings
  •          Use of Space
  •          Dimensions of the Space to Air Conditioned
  •          Size of beams and columns
  •          Construction material (U factors)
  •          Occupancy
  •          Equipment
  •          Lighting
  •          Ventilation
  •          Indoor Air Quality 
  •          Heat Load Calculations Using E 20 Form
  •          Tonnage Calculations
  •          Dehumidified Air Flow rate
  •          Different Types of Ducting
  •          Design parameters for Ducting 
  •          Duct Routing and Sizing
  •          Constant Friction Method
  •          Velocity Reduction Method 
  •          Supply and Return Air Openings
  •          Different Types of accessories 
  •          Different Types of Insulation 
  •          Constant and Variable Air Volume systems
  •          Normal Ventilation Systems 
  •          Treated Fresh Air Ventilation System
  •          Toilet Exhaust Systems
  •          Kitchen Exhaust Systems
  •          Classification
  •          Pipe sizing
  •          Accessories Used in Piping
  •          District Cooling
  •          Building Management System
  •          Variable Frequency Drive
  •          Stratification
  •          Stairwell Pressurization
  •          Clean Rooms 
  • TAB — Testing, Adjusting and Balancing


1. Introduction to Electrical Design

2. Basics of Electrical Engineering

3. Electrical Codes, Standards and Regulations 

4. Concept of Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems

5. Introduction to Electric Motors, Drives and Starters 

6. Types and Selection of Wiring Systems 

7. Applications and Selection of Switches and Sockets

8. Applications and Selection of Wires and Cables 

9. Basics of Electrical CAD

10. Electrical Legends and Symbols

11. Lighting and Power Circuit Wiring Diagrams

12. Conduit and Control Layout Design 

13. Total Connected Load and Maximum Demand Calculation

14. Load Distribution Schedule and Load Balancing Calculation

15. Panel Board Types and Physical Layout 

16. Calculating the Total Power Requirements 

17. Switch Gear Types and Selection 

18. Cable Selection, Sizing and Calculation

19. Determining Cable Trays and Trenches

20. Busbar Selection and Sizing

21. Earthing Types, Cable Selection and Sizing

22. Transformer Types, Protection and Sizing Calculation

23. Diesel Generator Sizing Calculation

24. Selection of Automatic Main Failure Panel

25. Basics of Power Factor Correction and APFC Panel

26. Capacitor Bank Selection 

27. UPS & Inverter Sizing Calculation

28. Battery Bank Selection

29. Voltage Drop Calculation

30. Fault Level Calculation

31. Different Entities of illuminating System 

32. Prepare Layout of Different Types of Lights and Lux Level Calculation.

33. Preparation of Single Line Diagram 

34. Lightning Arrestor Sizing

35. Bill of Quantity Preparation

36. Fire Detection and Alarm System

37. CCTV System 

38. Public Addressing System

39. Basics of Building Management System 

40. Dialux

41. Practical Site Visit


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