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Ace India offers career based professional training for fresher as well as experienced mechanical, electrical and construction professionals. The training will be as per the most updated international and Indian standards.

Ace India Training and Services Pvt Ltd is providing Top Class BIM and Construction Management program designed by experts with more than 15 years of experience in AEC Industry. The Program will enable Conventional Professionals and Students to upskill and develop their career in BIM Technologies, Implementation and Management. Our Method of Training is one which will help the Learner to Understand the industry along with the Softwares and Applications. Continuous Learning and Upskilling are the Key Currencies in the Current Job Market. Thousands of Architects, Civil/Structural Engineers and MEP Engineers have benefited from our Industry Ready – BIM Ready Training Programs

Autocad 2D – Objectives

  • Learn the basics of AutoCAD and navigate the user interfaces
  • Use the fundamental features of AutoCAD
  • Applying the precision tools to draft the drawing

  • Detailed drawing preparation and presentation

  • Using the power tools to dimensioning and printing

  • Explanation of contact created and information inside the drawing
  • How to improve productivity with AutoCAD

Course Content

  • Draw lines and rectangles
  • Draw Circles, Arcs, and Polygons
  • Use object-snap tracking
  • Use Coordinate Systems
  • Make isometric drawings
  • Move and copy objects
  • Rotate and scale objects
  • Create and use arrays
  • Trim and extend objects
  • Offset and mirror objects
  • Use grip editing Fillet and chamfer objects
  • Draw and edit polylines Blend between objects with splines
  • Apply hatches and gradients
  • Change object properties
  • Alter layer assignments for objects
  • Control layer visibility
  • Assign properties by object or layer
  • Manage layer properties
  • Work with blocks
  • Manage block attributes
  • Reference external drawings and images
  • Add and modify text
  • Use dimensions Add and modify multileaders
  • Create and assign annotative styles
  • Use tables
  • Create layouts Use viewports
  • Set printing and plotting option

Revit MEP – Objectives


  • Revit Building Information Modeling software helps engineers, designers, and contractors across the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) model to a high level of detail and coordinate with building project contributors
  • Learn the end-to-end 3D modeling techniques of BIM (Building Information Modeling) to capture and communicate design
  • Detailed Model preparation and presentation
  • Describe building information modeling , bidirectional associativity , and parametric relationships in Revit
  • Explanation of contact created and information inside the drawing
  • How to improve productivity with Revit

Course Content

  • Import AutoCAD files into Revit
  • Copy levels and set up monitoring
  • Create floor plans
  • Use Worksets
  • Resolve Coordination Review Errors
  • Mechanical: Tag ducts and piping
  • Electrical: Tag components
  • Create sheets
  • Electrical: Create panel schedules
  • Add and modify text
  • Add and modify dimensions
  • Mechanical: Create duct/pipe legends
  • Differentiate system and component families
  • Edit Family Connectors
  • Create a new family type
  • Mechanical: Add and use mechanical equipment
  • Mechanical: Add and modify air terminals
  • Mechanical: Add and modify ducts
  • Mechanical: Add and modify return ducts
  • Mechanical: Add and modify duct accessories and fittings
  • Mechanical: Work with heating and cooling zones
  • Plumbing: Add and modify fixtures
  • Plumbing: Add and modify piping
  • Plumbing: Add and use plumbing equipment
  • Plumbing: Create a plumbing system
  • Plumbing: Add and modify pipe accessories
  • Mechanical: Add and modify placeholder duct
  • Mechanical: Define a duct system
  • Mechanical: Work with spaces
  • Plumbing: Add and modify placeholder pipeSize duct and pipe systems
  • Electrical: Add and modify receptacles
  • Electrical: Add and modify panels
  • Electrical: Create and modify circuits
  • Electrical: Add and modify lighting fixtures
  • Electrical: Add and modify switches
  • Electrical: Create and modify lighting circuits
  • Electrical: Create and modify switching circuits
  • Electrical: Add and modify conduit
  • Electrical: Use cable trays
  • Electrical: Add and modify switch systems
  • Electrical: Create Distribution System
  • Electrical: Add and modify security devices
  • Electrical: Add and modify wiring
  • Electrical: Generate automatic wire layouts
  • Electrical: Check circuits and disconnects Perform interference check
  • Electrical: Work with Spaces
  • Electrical: Perform a Lighting Analysis
  • Electrical: Work with Fire Alarm Devices
  • Electrical: Work with Site Lighting
    Perform interference check
    Check duct and pipe systems and disconnects
  • View models
  • Apply view templates
  • Create detail views
  • Mechanical: Create and label HVAC plans
  • Plumbing: Create a plumbing view
  • Plumbing: Create and label plumbing plans

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